Solana native cat coin NAKANO, known as the Japanese Ninja Cat is on a wild quest to escape the matrix of the dogs. Join the claw-some adventure with NAKANO and let’s meow our way to crypto glory!


Supply: 10 Billion

Liquidity Pool Burnt: 70%

Marketing: 10%

CEX listing: 10%

Community Airdrop: 10%

2J6gEmu6EEpMBRuPJaGrXP bUzqp1Ppvy6gx1uEDrHRte


Pre-Launch Stage (0-6 months):

Create vision for project,
develop tokenomics,
and build community.

Presale Stage (6-12 months):

Launch token presale,
distribute tokens to early investors and community members,
and raise funds for development.

Development Stage (12-24 months):

Develop infrastructure,
build partnerships,
and expand community.

Launch Stage (24-36 months):

List token on exchanges,
launch ecosystem applications,
and expand to new markets.

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